5 Steps to Feel Confident in a Business Meeting

Whenever we are up for a meeting, we sometimes get the jitters, the feeling that we couldn't move forward because of fear and anxiety.

As a Technical Training Specialist and a Business Development Officer, I have encountered those "bad days" and I failed terribly while presenting my program/product. However, we shouldn't feel like it's the end of the world. In fact, we should see failure as a blessing! Failure is a teacher that would surely educate you on what to do next!

Here are some steps that may help conquer your fears:

(Defined: think deeply or carefully about.)

  • A week, a day, or even an hour before a meeting, I reflect on what I am required to do. I ask myself questions and answer them with pride and dignity. Why am I here? What is my purpose? Will my presentation be effective? How would I engage my audience? Who am I?

    These questions will help you grasp the situation or even change your perspective about your plans for the event. It may also promote amazing ideas moving forward.

2. Changing your PERSONA
(Defined: the aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others.)

  • Especially in sales, sometimes you need to be crazy, like multiple personality disorder crazy (: ! We all have different masks. More often than not, a person who knows how to change these masks for their own benefit, are the ones who succeed on getting at the same wavelength with their audience. In return the flow of your meeting would be more comfortable.

3. Provide FACTS
(Defined something that is known to have happened or to exist, especially something for which proof exists, or about which there is information)

  • Fun Facts: facts are fun and facts are good!
    Cite facts that support your claim about your current topic. People appreciate truth and transparency, especially if delivered with impact that attack the current needs of your audience.

4. Inject HUMOR
(Defined: the quality of being amusing or comic)

  • People love to laugh! In a meeting, may it be amazingly formal or not, humor can be used as a powerful weapon that could engrave your name or the topic you represent deep inside the hypothalamus of your audience's brains. This is so much effective if you use it in moderation and if the timing is perfect.

5. ENGAGE the Audience
(Defined: participate or become involved in.)

  • Only a handful of people appreciates the words of a "know-it-all" and speaking without interrupt will sometimes brand you as one! Even if you are extremely knowledgeable about your craft, you sometimes need be humble and engage with the people around you. Ask them what they know about the topic, mingle with them, get them interested, give them a reason to listen and to speak. Having an equal exchange of words and ideas in a meeting is often a good sign.

If you try these steps on your next meeting, you may feel that something has changed, not only would you be a bit more confident, but also possibly, enjoy what you just did!


Reynier Chua

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    1. Hi John thanks for your comment and kind words! :)